I'm Henny, a 19 year old guy/chic. My preferred pronounce are they/he/she.
My personal "reblog-shit-I-find-funneh" blog, with a whole lot of mixed things.

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Nintendo Oui
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TAGAMI Yoshihisa (たがみよしひさ ), Grey / グレイ
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BBMN’S PENCIL COMMISSIONS OPEN!I’ll draw mostly anything except morally dubious things (extreme violence, criminality, rape, nazism etc..)Romance is fine but I won’t draw graphical intercourse this time!Original (Or your friends’) characters are prefered! If interested contact me through the message function or email: yossraelsaid(AT)hotmail.com
Questions are welcome as well! :)
Ten slots are available for now (might change depending on demand)!Slots are counted by commissions, not commissioners. So one person is eligable of taking a maximum of 3 slots at a time.1. STANDBY2. STANDBY3. STANDBY4. STANDBY5. STANDBY6. STANDBY7. STANDBY8. STANDBY9. STANDBY10. STANDBY
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coyote skull stamp // $11
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Punch line Queen, no boxer though